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We're here because we simply love what we do

I love my job

After years of working hard for my craft I dreamed of a space where we could come to work and do the job we love in a beautiful stress free environment, and I wanted the same for my clients. A multi functional space where you can be just as comfortable working from your laptop as enjoying a scalp massage. Life is busy and I wanted the calm from the storm….where you are welcomed by a friendly smile while being completely confident of the stylist's ability.

Amber Walker - Salon Owner

Our Product

Meet Evo

EVO are an Australian family-owned haircare company committed to making products that care of people, and the planet.

At The Salon we use and sell their haircare, and styling range. Our team also uses their professional range for all technical services.

Our Space

Beautiful, bright & creative

The Salon is a modern bright beautiful space. With only 4 stations, we offer a more intimate salon experience for our clients. Come as you are, talk as little or as much as you like, or catch up on work if you need to.

We have gorgeous magazines to get lost in or relax. So have a cup of tea, and take a moment to catch your breath.